Connie Halfen
Ms. Halfen leads the organization as Chief Executive Officer of Valley Dental Arts in Stillwater, Minnesota. Her dedication in providing a first-class healthcare experience for patients, doctors and employees is evident in her refined and outstanding leadership at the company. Creating long term relationships is at the heart of what she does at Valley Dental Arts, with over 19 years of executive leadership expertise. Whether it is partnering with senior management and team leaders to bring the Valley Dental Arts vision to life, or cultivating and nurturing powerful relationships with clients and vendors, Ms. Halfen delivers the highest level of business leadership skills in the industry.

As a key member of the executive team, it is Ms. Halfen’s attention to detail and passion for procedure that drives advancements throughout the company. Her focus on integrating best practices helps achieve compliance with existing policies while embracing innovation rooted in continual improvement.

Alongside her executive leadership responsibilities, she also organizes all continuing education events delivered both nationally, within Valley Dental Arts Amara Institute and Live Surgery Center, and internationally with German, French and Swiss partnerships including the International Oral Design Symphony of Synergy Symposium held in Minneapolis.