We are your trusted partners from the moment your patient sits in your chair. Allow our skilled technicians to help you determine the best course of treatment based on your patient’s unique needs and finances. Estimates are crucial when commissioning custom cases. We aim to not exceed the estimated costs so you have confidence you can complete the case with no financial uncertainties. This is all done in an expedited fashion within 24 hours. We know time is precious, so we will review your case and provide plans and estimates within one day so you can proceed with confidence. A dedicated liaison will talk you through our recommendations step by step, and help you schedule and time your treatment planning.


Download and mail or fax our Dental RX form with your materials, or email us your case materials and we'll get started helping you develop the best course of action.


As your surgical partner, our goal is to help you succeed with the desired end in mind right from the start. Exceptional results for your patient begin with precise diagnostics and surgical planning. Use the forms below and let’s start your commissioned case together now.