Valley Dental Arts Master Diagnostic Model™ (MDM) is a uniquely effective case planning and communication tool that improves the accuracy, clarity and impact of your diagnostic presentation with your patient. Beginning with each patient’s end goal in mind, we devised the MDM technique to ensure a complete understanding of each case – from the surgical perspective, and the restorative perspective, to the lab's perspective, and the patient's perspective.

Simply supply us with quality color patient photographs (intraoral and full face), shade guide selections and a comprehensive case worksheet. We then create a three-dimensional MDM that combines the characterization, shade, shape and tissue color into a masterpiece your patients can hold in their hands and examine from every angle. This helps your patient fully appreciate both the aesthetic and functional value of their proposed treatment, and feel confident enough to move forward with this custom prototype for their new smile.


The advantages of our MDM diagnostic model can now be integrated into your digital cone-beam and 3D surgical imaging and planning software for implant placement and bone grafting. You have a virtual upgrade to help you plan your surgical guides, with all of the components and enhancements to make surgery predictable.


Our MDM and MDM for implants provide your blueprint for success. From material selection and clinical technique, through the critically important “prototype” stage and final insertion, we collaborate closely with you to ensure exceptional quality, resulting in less chair time, fewer adjustments and greater patient satisfaction.

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