At Valley Dental Arts, our skilled technicians and artisans create customized tooth, abutment and restoration systems to address all of your implant needs.

From fixed or screw-retained options (both vertical and horizontal), to cementation options, each implant is hand crafted to embody the natural beauty and form-fitting function unique to each patient. From individual implant cases, to full-arch Zirconia Mesiobar structures, your most complex needs are at home with us.

Our “All in One” implant capabilities include:
  • Vertical & horizontal screw retained
  • Zirconia hybrids
  • Milled bar designs (Zirconia and Titanium)
  • Simulated pink porcelain gingival tissue
  • Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning, diagnosis and case planning
  • MDM for implants – digital diagnostics
  • Articulator-based occlusion
  • Custom abutments
  • O-rings, milled bar overdenture
  • Wax try-in (MDM)
  • Metal trials
  • Locator attachments
  • Vacuum stents